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International Merchant Processing

Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Multilevel marketing business owners offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to accomplish their dreams.  In order for a MLM merchant’s business to grow, processing credit cards online becomes an absolute necessity.  Considering the importance of processing credit cards online for the success of this industry it is imperative that merchants acquire a provider that can aid in the growth of their business.  International IBC Bank does just that and more by helping MLM businesses reach unparalleled success by providing options and customer service to merchants right from the moment you contact us.

For several years International IBC Banking has been pairing our MLM merchants with acquiring banks that can provide a tailored credit card processing solution based on your company’s individual needs.

Applying for a merchant account is free with International IBC Banking and we offer same day responses to your queries. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry and always select a solution based on your needs.

MLM businesses often find it difficult to attain a local credit card processing option which is why we pride ourselves on having affordable offshore merchant accounts ready for our difficult to place merchants.  We take merchants that most generic banks refuse to take and we place them in a bank where we know they will thrive. Also, thanks to our multiple account options, you will also be allowed to process with several different accounts in the event that one option is no longer available.

High Risk ACH Checking Accounts For International, U.S. and Canadian Merchants

  • Process electronic checks, guaranteed checks, web checks, check collections (delinquent ACH checks), and checks-by-phone
  • ACH checks for outbound/inbound telemarketing, mail/phone orders, catalogue sales, re-occurring billing, travel, tobacco-cigar/cigarettes, MLMs, pharmaceuticals
  • International merchants can process U.S. ACH checks (U.S. bank accounts required for International merchants, we will arrange)
  • Canadian merchants can process ACH checks in U.S. currency
  • Unlimited ACH check volume
  • Underwriting requirements are less stringent than credit cards
  • Excellent ACH virtual terminal for single transactions, batch uploads and re-occurring billing for eCommerce merchants, API available as well

3rd Party or Aggregation Accounts

Third party accounts are for merchants that have difficulties maintaining their own merchant accounts or have consistently high chargebacks. These merchants share an account within a large merchant portfolio until they are mature enough or have enough credit card processing history to obtain their own merchant account number. Merchant discount rates are favorable within this portfolio because the account is protected from chargebacks and high credit card processing volume within the merchant portfolio. Third party merchant accounts are for the following types of merchants:

  • New business with no credit card processing history
  • Merchants with high chargebacks, refunds, and returns
  • Merchants that are considered high risk
  • Merchants that are consistently averaging more than 1% in chargebacks a month
  • TMF (Terminated Merchant File or MATCH) and CIRF Merchants
  • Merchants under the Visa/MasterCard chargeback reduction program
  • Merchants that are not incorporated within a jurisdiction

Our skilled sales representatives will help you choose the necessary solution that best fits your needs and help you every step of the way.