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Tobacco Merchant Account

Tobacco merchant accounts are considered to be particularly high risk due to the nature of the business as well as the frequent chargebacks.  Most processors would not be able to offer you options for tobacco processing. Fortunately at International IBC Banking we not only offer tobacco merchant processing, but we also offer exclusive solutions the boast incredibly affordable rates.

It’s essential that a merchant has an international tobacco merchant account with International IBC Banking for the following reasons:

  • World Wide Market Coverage
  • High Volume Sales Management
  • Easy System Management
  • Fast Approval
  • Customer Convenience

A high risk merchant account is the perfect solution for any tobacco business.  Thanks to our relations with several acquiring banks, you need not worry about find the right bank or being refused by a credit card processor due to a fear of potential chargebacks.  Rather, you will able to process your payments online with the most secure servers the industry has to offer.

Our application gathers all the necessary information so that we may select the necessary bank solution the best suit your individual requirements.  Upon receiving the application we then send a list of available solution for your business as well as the necessary fees and rates for each.  Once you have selected your preferred solution we will then advise you on the best course of action considering your company’s infrastructure.  There may be a need of additional documentation in select cases.

Higher volume generally leads to lower rates, despite this, even if a merchant is not processing necessarily high volumes will still find incredibly competitive and affordable rates here at International IBC Banking.

Things we take into account include:

  • Processing History (we also take start ups)
  • Credit Rating
  • Volume
  • Average and Max Sale Prices
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Utility Bill
  • Other items may be requested in the application.

The more information we receive from our client the quicker we will be able to set up a merchant solution.

Why choose International IBC Banking?

If you are having challenges obtaining a merchant account for Internet or mail/phone order transactions, we can help. International IBC Banking provides services to Canadian, United States and international merchants. We specialize in high risk merchant accounts that banks will not consider. Merchant Category Codes (MCC) that are on a bank’s prohibited and restricted list, we will accept. Banks consider these merchants too risky yet our approval rate is 99% on all merchant accounts we place.  Simply put, if it is a legal business, we will accept it.