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International Merchant Processing

High Risk Merchant Accounts, US Domestic Merchant Accounts, ACH/ E-Check Solutions,

Offshore IBC Company Formation, and Bank Accounts

Here at International IBC Banking we offer some of the most secure solutions for your asset protection.  We work with reliable offshore banking providers from around the world in order to bring you services that you may rely on. From opening your local or international company to setting up offshore or domestic merchant processing solutions for your new or established business, International IBC Banking is your one stop center for your business and payment needs.

Our services with regard to offshore high risk merchant solutions may assist you if you are having difficulties acquiring merchant accounts for Internet or mail/phone order transactions. We also accept the Merchant Category Codes (MCC) that is on a bank’s prohibited or restricted list.  We consider a variety of merchant accounts for high risk credit cards as well as International ACH check processing.  We can provide credit cards and ACH check processing with no volume cap and effective risk management tools to mitigate your online exposure to e-commerce and mail/phone order transactions (MOTO).

Benefits to Domestic and Offshore Merchant Accounts

  • 99% approval rate for all legal businesses.
  • Fast approval process, within 24 hours.
  • High volume accounts are accepted.
  • Confidential and anonymous processing.
  • We can accept all major credit cards.
  • Merchant accounts can be set up with virtually any currency (including bitcoins).
  • Our payment gateway can link up simply to an web site with our simple API.
  • Your new offshore merchant account can easily be maintained online without any down time.
  • We are able to work with any business internationally regardless of geographic location.
  • Chinese and Japanese merchants welcome.
  • We have no problem with bad credit. Many of our merchants have been approved with less than good credit.

International Business Corporation and Offshore Banking

We also understand that you have worked hard to earn your money and that you wish to protect the assets that rightfully belong to you.  We provide you with an opportunity establish yourself offshore with our numerous asset protection solutions.

Many people carry the misconception that you need to be rich in order to establish yourself in an offshore jurisdiction.  However in actuality anyone that has a net worth may set up an offshore corporation.  With your interests in mind, we are able to tailor a solution specific for you so that you are able to secure your assets in the world’s safest offshore havens.

We understand that offshore banking can be riddled with unfamiliar terminologies and processes that could perplex an average customer.  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in opening your very own International Business Corporation (IBC) and will break down the intricacies of the processes in order for you to understand what happens to your money at all times.

Our exclusive jurisdictions provide some of the world’s most stringent privacy laws which stipulate that no word of information may be released to any third party without your unambiguous consent.  Some of our jurisdictions include Cyprus, Panama, Belize, St. Kitts and Nevis, Wyoming, and Dubai.