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Online Pharmacy/Pharmacy Merchant Accounts

Online pharmacy businesses are under intense attack from many different directions.  It is pertinent that a merchant find a firm that is an experienced credit card processor that carries a strong interest in protecting a merchant’s right to maintain their business.  With several years of experience serving pharmacy merchant accounts, we understand the complexities of setting up online pharmacy merchant accounts.  Regardless of where you are situated, when working with International IBC Banking you will find that your needs are always placed first by our agents who are specialized in offshore merchant accounts for online pharmacies.

Whether you may simply be frustrated with your current processor or if you are starting a new pharmacy account, we are readily able to assist.  Start processing with us today and find out for yourself how we have the lowest rates and fastest payouts with all of our merchant accounts.

Online pharmacies once used to be able to process through domestic merchant accounts but are now considered to be high risk for a myriad of reasons.  Most banks deny high risk merchant account applications due to the nature of the business.  By processing with us you are able to bypass the normal hassle and receive a safe and secure solution that will allow you maximize your profits.

With an online pharmacy merchant account, you will be able to accept credit card payment over the internet or by manually entering transactions through an online virtual terminal.  We carefully review each potential customer and tailor a solution for your needs whether it may be a domestic or foreign solution.

International IBC Banking serves pharmacies offering both prescription and non-prescription medications such as:

  • Herbal supplements
  • Weight loss products
  • Women’s contraception and health medication
  • Men’s health medication such as Viagra and Cialis.

Solutions for New Merchants and Merchants with Previous Processing Issues

International IBC Banking can help if your business has no processing history, low volume, or other problems of the sort. We offer third party merchant accounts to promising businesses that have a good business plan and do not yet qualify for a full pharmacy merchant account. Once you’ve developed processing history, International IBC Banking gives you the option of upgrading to your own merchant account.  Our specialize account managers will always be there to aid your every step.

High volume pharmacy merchant account

  • By choosing International IBC Banking you will get an easily adjustable volume cap for your pharmacy merchant accounts. Not only will you be able to do business at your own growth rate you also will not have to worry about possible shut down due to volume restrictions. International IBC Banking offers flexible volume caps for online pharmacies so they can continue to accept credit cards and accept checks.  We always tailor a solution to your individual needs.