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Travel Merchant Accounts

An average consumer would not assume travel to be classified as a high risk industry.  The reasoning behind travel being a high risk business is because there is often a delay between the customer purchase of tickets/accommodation and the time in which they actually travel.  Some consumers tend to change their travel plans and feel that they are entitled to a refund for whatever ticket or hotel accommodation they purchased.  In some scenarios they may even attempt to process a chargeback.  Moreover, travel purchases tend to be costly which adds additional risk to this industry.

If one is operating as a travel agency, payment facilities are that most important part of the business particularly if it not structured correctly. If one ends up with an inadequate processing solution then a travel business can find itself experiencing high rates, drastically reduced sales, and the possibility of the bank no longer wanting their business.  In order to accept payments, one would have to locate a processor that offers such solutions (such as International IBC Banking).

Here at International IBC Banking we are able to assist travel agencies to acquire merchant facilities with one of our several solutions.  We are able to achieve this through utilizing our several long standing relationships in the industry in order to tailor a solution specifically for our customers.

Travel Merchant Account Bonuses

We offer a variety of services when managing a travel merchant account.  International IBC Banking’s merchant accounts offer:

  • Online Credit Card Processing – using our state of the art online credit card processing technology our merchants are able to process credits cards online.  All banking can be done online which saves the hassle of traveling to the bank for depositing checks.
  • Real-time Processing – our travel merchant accounts offer merchants the ability to process in real –time with a real-time payment processing facility.
  • Risk Management and Lucrative Solutions – our customers receive exclusive risk management techniques and lucrative solutions tailored specifically for our travel merchant account clientele.
  • Secure Processing – merchants may rest easy with regard to secure safe processing. Here at International IBC Banking we provide secure SSL servers and reliable fraud prevention/protection tools.
  • No Cap – Process, process, process.  There is no need to stop processing with our travel merchant solution.  Merchants have the freedom to expand their business without worrying about chargebacks and refunds thanks to our exclusive travel merchant account.  High volume is the aim with this facet of the account.
  • Multi-Currency Processing – we process in several differ currencies such as USD, Canadian Dollars, Euros etc.
  • Electronic Payment Processing – International IBC Banking offers processing services for credit cards, wire transfers, and debit cards.
  • Low rates – Our rates are among the lowest in the industry.  It is thanks to our long standing relationship with several prestigious banks that we are able to bring the lowest rates available to our valued customers.
  • Credit Cards – we accept all major credit cards.
  • Online Reports – travel merchant account holders maintain the ability to periodically view transaction reports online.
  • Secure Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals – our virtual terminals and secure payment gateways are secure and reliable with outstanding protective qualities.