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Why do I need an IBC?

A person’s “private” banking affairs are no longer secure.  Whether it be investing in companies or simply running your own, many governments now hold the right to demand information from banks with regard to all of your personal and financial information.  Moreover, due to the startling increase in citizen control laws banks are now obliged to share information with government agencies.

Furthermore, these government agencies as well as creditors posses the right to legally accesses your savings if they believe that they have a viable claim against you.   Under our jurisdictions, you can practice your business and personal affairs with 100% confidentiality with no restrictions.

Several other reasons entitle you to make sure you are protected including protection from legal vultures.  You need not have several assets in order for a lawsuit to be a filed against you, particularly in this volatile economy. A bad economy tends to make people more law-suit happy thus putting you and your assets at risk.  Lawsuits have been filed for reasons as ludicrous as posting a bad review on Amazon on the basis of defamation. Just about 15 million lawsuits will be filed in state courts by the end of every year.  Don’t allow yourself to become as statistic.

Being a Difficult Target

One of the biggest threats to your financial well-being is litigation. The American judicial system is too often an enemy of prosperity. Courts in the United States are clogged with civil suits demanding enormous sums for imagined or statutorily-concocted injuries that create supposed victims of harassment, disability or discrimination.

For lawsuit protection, the best tactic is to shrink yourself and your assets as targets.  An offshore asset protection trust can help you do exactly that. By transferring legal title and reducing control over assets through donating them to your offshore account, you make yourself a more difficult target. Once an APT is set up, this is something that can be done quickly and easily.

Also, at any time hard assets are transferred to another nation (as when cash, stock shares or precious metals are moved to an offshore trust account, or an offshore trustee’s safety deposit box), a home country creditor will have difficulty reaching them, even if the existence of your offshore trust is known.

There is additional solace to be found in the fact that the party looking to claim your assets are beyond immediate reach.  The cost and difficulty of pursuing your assets into another jurisdiction may discourage legal action.

An IBC can be ideal for you if you are looking for asset protection, reduction of tax burdens, and looking to invest offshore.  It can also provide you with the ability to buy and hold any real estate at home and or overseas.

An IBC can further assist you if you have an internet based company and wish to take advantage of the numerous benefits that can be achieved by owning an offshore company.

We provide several jurisdictions and always aim to offer a solution specific to your needs.

Legal Protection

This is a very important reason for opening an offshore account or IBC.  By internationalizing your infrastructure, on the chance that one of your clients or competitors opts to sue, you will be safe.  Today we have individuals filing law suits with the hope of making a lot of money at your expense, with little or no reason at times. By having an IBC and offshore bank account, you are making it very difficult, if not impossible, for an individual (or even government in some cases) to pursue you beyond their jurisdiction.  Also, even if they do manage to get past the legal barriers of their jurisdiction, with the aid of a nominee director, they’ll never be able to figure out where your money and company are located.

Mobile Money

One reason to open an offshore bank account is that it is a handy, neutral base to keep your money if you are traveling the world from country to country. You can leave your money there gathering untaxed interest rather than move it around endlessly as you move, with the inevitable loss of interest and the possibility that you fall into a tax net. With secure internet messaging you can still operate your offshore account from however remote a destination your work takes you to.


Another reason to choose an offshore bank is that you are likely to find services which are attuned to the internationally-minded. You will find a range of currency facilities, allowing you to save – and often to borrow – in currencies other than sterling.

These of course are just a few reason why on should have an offshore account.  It its very important that one looks out for their own interest in a world filled with sharks. Make sure you’ve taken the steps to protect your assets.

Tax Haven

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for opening an IBC or offshore corporation in an offshore jurisdiction is the fact that you will not be liable to pay taxes for any income made outside of that jurisdiction.  One way to do this is to open an offshore bank account in a jurisdiction that is known to be a tax haven.

A tax haven allows our clients to keep their hard earned money in an offshore bank of their choosing while also being able to use that money anywhere in the world thanks to the international debit card we issue with our bank accounts.

If you own a merchant account, linking your merchant account to your offshore bank account can allow you to have full control of your finances.  All payouts will be paid to the tax free jurisdiction of your choice for maximum profit.