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Why incorporate in Nevada?

The state of Nevada in the United States is notoriously well known for its gaming industry and the leniency of the law in those regards. Nevada relies heavily on the gaming industry as it is the pinnacle of its revenue in the respective state and this is due to the heavy taxation the gaming industry.  Although the taxes on gaming are high, many people do not know that Nevada is considered to be a tax haven despite being in the United States.  Nevada carries no personal or income tax and is the only state in the United States that rejected all information sharing agreements with United States Federal Tax Agency and International Revenue Service otherwise known as the IRS.  This provides the state of Nevada privacy that is seldom, if ever, heard of in the United States. We offer Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in Nevada as opposed to a corporation due to the fact that there are more incentives with the ownership of an LLC.

Benefits of having an LLC in Nevada include:

  • No state taxes on corporate shares
  • No income tax
  • No state franchise tax for Nevada corporations
  • All activities for a non-resident of the United States.
  • Nevada LLC’s formed by non U.S residents that do not generate income from a source in the United States can be used as an offshore means for avoiding tax liabilities in the United States.
  • LLC’s have limited liability and boasts the same tax advantages of a partnership in Nevada.
  • Any affairs the need to be address can be done while outside the state of Nevada.
  • There is no requirement for an actually office to be in the state of Nevada in order have an LLC.
  • Nominee directors are allowed.
  • Nevada is the only state in the United States that does not report to the IRS and customer confidentiality is imperative.